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How entrepreneurship improved my mental health ?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Ever wondered why farming is a happy profession ?

It's because farmer is a true entrepreneur. She/He starts from scratch, ploughs the field, spreads the seeds, waters and harvests the crop. When the monsoon turns it's back, then she/he innovates through pivoting strategies.

On the other hand, we millennials are the most resource full generation yet most anxious, depressed and stressed- myself included. As human species we were happiest up till agriculture revolution till industrial revolution screwed us over. Human brains were stopped to be put to use. Humans were paid to simply put bottles on a conveyor belt in a particular time limit. You can take 3 bathroom breaks but if you take more, your salary gets deducted. Imagine doing that for 30 years of your life to earn bread. In true honesty, we are no different- our generation is slave to corporates. We know what is "required" of us in our jobs for one year, the next year and then our entire lives. There are very few jobs left which involve "true" innovation. The experiments we conduct in school laboratories have become a joke. If there is 1% truth in the 'future of jobs' prediction, then our millennials future looks even grim.

I bootstrapped my startup- Global Governance Initiative during my ISB, Hyderabad days. I started the execution roadmap 3 days after I had my BCG offer in hand. I should have been partying like any other bschool student. However, having worked in startup settings for 5 years before, I knew exactly what made me happy in life. I knew how I wanted to spend the rest of my time when I had already spent a bomb on bschool. The secret dream was may be todays crazy can be tomorrows Abrahim Lincoln. Today, I know that dreaming is a currency which doesn't come cheap. I have immense respect for people who dream and work towards it. It is this dreaming which has led to my better mental health today. I get to innovate, experiment and pivot like that farmer on the field.

Yes, I work 16 hours, during weekends and holidays. But I enjoy it so much that on few days it makes me dance with joy. I feel less stressed, less anxious and less frustrated. Creating something of your own creatively, experimenting everyday and making an impact is an unparalleled emotion. I doubt whether one can get that emotion via putting bottles on a conveyor belt. Yes, being an entrepreneur is a risky strategy but one can always take calculated risks. Today, in one year we have shaped more than 600 young minds globally and I honestly take it as of my best achievements in life- more than BCG, ISB, St. Stephen's. Why ? Because no one asked me to do it. I realized I derive my happiness via helping others.

In a country where ~2/3 students is studying science, we need to get into true experimentation mode with ideas, business models so that more and more people dance with joy like me and we are a society of happy human beings :)

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