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In Dubai, I would often end my work at 6 PM.

In Dubai, I would often end my work at 6 PM.

However, in India, I have worked till 9 PM on most occasions and 1 AM many times.

And I have not been alone.

I have had colleagues who clock more than 12 hours straight for weeks and months.

They don't feel like waking up and going to the office the next day. Because the office is filled with abuse, stress, nonsense timelines, and ad hoc hours on the name of "client deliverable".

Unfortunately, few take it as a badge of honor- falsely getting trapped into work hard narrative.

And most realize how unsustainable it is.

However, the honest reality is most people in #India are stuck with such toxic corporate culture.

Most bosses-

1. Have the liberty to call at any time

2. Expect deliverables with bizarre timelines

3. Don't pay for overtime.

This isn't a rant against India.

I am hugely bullish on India's growth.

But we all need to question it's coming at what cost?

Throughout my 20s, I have started and ended my office days with back pains, migraine stress, and eye pain.

I have been demotivated to start afresh the next day when my previous days ended at 2 AMs.

Today as luck would have it, I moved out of this circle through self-employment.

However, not everyone can be an entrepreneur.

Then what's the solution?

With the rising economy comes the rising need for stricter labor #laws along the line of Germany, Netherlands, etc.

There should be strict guidelines on #futureofwork for Indian citizens.

Without this, most employers will continue to harass employees because of our large population.

I'm penning this today to voice out how we really need to treat Indian employees like humans.

So this barbaric treatment of humans in the 21st century stops ✊.

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Co-founder Global Governance Initiative & GTI, Ex- BCG, Advisor; Tony Blair Institute

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