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Is there really a MEANING to this life ?

This one is little meta but its THE ANSWER that has been my biggest discovery in this small life

Life's a maze and its upon us to decode it

I have never been a risk averse person. I'm saying this because I'm someone who has worked at 4 different organisations including BCG, Government of India; studied at 4 global institutes like ISB, Harvard and it's creating my own venture GGI that has been the most fulfilling experience yet. Let me take you back a bit !

At an age of 23, I had already worked for two firms- one being management consulting and other Groupon (deals e-commerce). While working at Groupon was intellectually satisfying but I do remember times where I had become the smartest person in many rooms. Without sounding boastful, it was a matter of huge concern as I am someone who always craves for learning. I knew this couldn't be it and that's when I started brainstorming with my boyfriend. After days and months of travelling alone, writing, reading and hearing podcasts I came to a realization that the meaning of this life may lie in -NEW CREATION.

Our lives have a potential of becoming exponentially fulfilling and enriching when we create something. The idea is to create something with our own hands, something more palpable. Entrepreneurs create something with autonomy, complexity and creativity. Frankly, it's these 3 functions that has made me dance with joy on multiple occasions and not the fancy salary hitting my account. It's hard and its damn tiring but is it fulfilling ? Yes ! Does it lead to happiness ? Hell Yes !

The above point can now take 2 turns if we were in a conversation-

1. Well yes Shatakshi ! Creation is cool but isn't finding "meaning" a little overrated ? I would say yes ! I agree that finding meaning is over rated because probably our ends might come in microseconds and boom it would be over. However, I would also strongly argue that finding and pursuing meaning is like enjoying the journey and feeling those emotions during our times here rather spend it like machines !

2. Shatakshi, I get the meaning and creation thing ! But now what ? What do I create ? Where is the starting point ? My 2 cents would be to to start with your childhood. After looking out for years for my answers, in true honesty- I have found my answers at home. For eg how was I raised, how did I end up with my education so on and so forth. Check for pain points in your past, around you and that can be a potential starting point of a NEW CREATION.

If we also think about it scientifically- our past generations born during agriculture revolution were way happier because everyone was an entrepreneur at the field. It's the industrial revolution that mechanized us and thus our generation hits life crisis moments.

In the end, I would say that either you are a risk averse person who is fine living it the way you are and that's absolutely fine. But if you are more inquisitive about life, little more risk taking then CREATING something new might be your way forward :)

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I think our education system has instilled us with a value system of attaching happiness and purpose of life with solving problems, getting good jobs and winning the race. So, whenever we get comfortable in one job or at one place, this value system starting poking us, saying we ain't doing something great. This is the side-effect of capitalism which actually funnels down impacting our education system. I think the meaning of life is to achieve a state of fulfilment, which comes from striking a balance between four pillars of life ie. Physical Health, Mental Health, Social Health and emotional/spiritual health. A NEW CREATION might just be a little data point in this set of happiness/fulfilment/meaning of life.

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