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Our salary system is WRONG!

We are trained to over-index on increasing our monthly salary than increasing our hourly rate.

Your work contracts don't mention hours involved but mention your monthly salary.

Here are 3 areas where employers need to reinvent salary structures-

1. You don't get paid hourly:

I have a tech intern, who worked at a leading tech giant for 10 hours every day and got paid Rs. 20k/month.

He works 5 hours every day with us and gets paid Rs. 30k/month.

He gets work done and travels to Himachal, Rann of Kutch in his free time. And I love that.

2. Fraud client billing:

Sectors such as IT, and management consulting indeed bill clients at an hourly rate.

Employees work 14 hours every day.

But HRs expect them to fill only 8 hours.

Timesheets are a joke in India because don't impact our salaries.

3. We aren't trained to value our time:

Frankly, we as a society have silently accepted working 12 hours every day.

The culture of hustle is so ingrained in us since coaching classes that we believe that there is no other way out to succeed in life!

We have sold ourselves a false story.

That we are overachievers if we hustle!


I lived my 20s exactly like above.

Until I struggled with migraine & other health issues and I decided to move outside of this system!

I started focussing on increasing on my hourly rate and subsequently freeing my hours.

Today I'm writing this with an honest hope that more people experience life on the other side!

IDK if this offends someone, but if you work 60 hours/week and earn Rs. 30 Lakhs/annum, you aren't rich!

Life is not an IIT-JEE exam where only a few people will succeed❤️ .

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Co-founder Global Governance Initiative & GTI, Ex- BCG, Advisor; Tony Blair Institute

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