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When I was working with the Government of India..

When I was working with the Government of India, I was surprised by the 'time-bound' promotions, which was very contrary to the corporate world I came from. Let me explain!

All the civil servants I was working with, would go on to join a senior rank in a given period of time.

Contrary to my belief system, this was the biggest perk of the job in the name of a secure job.

It felt as if most of the civil servants had joined the services to pass their time during the services. But what about all the transforming the nation and changing the face of our country ?

I worry whether this time-bound promotion is doing more harm than good to the learning & growth of not just the nation but also to the young minds who join the services.

Today, in the corporate world, you cannot imagine climbing the next ladder without being skilled, astute, kind and resourceful altogether. In fact, coming from an organization such as Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where there is an up or out culture, one needs to always outperform to just sustain.

In today's skill-driven economy, quality of work comes from meritocracy and cutthroat competition. To accelerate your career, you need to squeeze out 1-2 hours every day for quality learning.

Don't join the services just because of the safety of the job- your sharp iron-like mind will pick up rust eventually!


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