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Is Indian School of Business better than Harvard Business School?

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

No and neither is HBS better than ISB.

It depends on what you make out of it. For me, ISB was an exceptional experience -at par with my stint at HBS.

1. At ISB, I was taught finance by current Chief Economic Advisor of India while multiple visiting faculties from Harvard, Kellogg pushed our thinking hats.

2. ISB 1 year program provides an exchange opportunity at schools such as Wharton, Tuck, The Fletcher School.

3. If you wish to work in India, there can’t be a better school than ISB. Almost all the top echelons of the corporate ladder across sectors in India are ISB alumnus. This makes networking extremely easy compared to an ‘outsider’.

Thanks to ISB, I settled with BCG and also launched my impact venture Global Governance Initiative along with Naman Shrivastava .

Extremely thankful to Rajat Gupta to have had the vision to create something incredible for middle class Indians. If IITs were the ‘Temples’ of 20th Century India, ISB is surely the ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’ of 21st Century Business education in Asia and the world.

Proud to announce that Rajat would be teaching a Masterclass on Management Consulting & Sustainability with GGI on 1st Aug.


If you are interested in learning about GGI's MBA Scholar program, you can learn here.

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