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5 reasons why YOU should NOT join GGI MBA Scholar Program

5 reasons why YOU should NOT join GGI MBA Scholar Program-

1. You are looking for job guarantees, degrees and belong to the age-old "placement" mindset. While India's top employment partners are #hiring from GGI talent, trust me "guarantees" are a marketing gimmick. Nothing in life is guaranteed! 2. You are more than 35 years old. Our program curriculum is carefully designed to transform the #careers of youngsters below the age of 35. 3. You are looking to pivot into content writing, design, digital marketing, and other niche technical roles. These technical roles do not require an MBA in my experience. We at GGI are preparing young minds for larger future 2030 roles- strategy, product, investing. 4. You believe in a dog-eat-dog world. Sorry, no place for such folks who want to pull others down to climb themselves up. GGIians pride themselves in the kindness and collaboration they exhibit in terms of not just sharing job opportunities but also looking out for each other through thick and thin! 5. You just want to increase the shareholder value of yourself and your employer. Nah! Our theory of change is that future leaders are going to be those who also solve for climate impact, gender inequality, etc. And that's perhaps one of the key reasons why many GGIians also picked up entrepreneurship 1 year from their graduation! Life is very short to waste your precious time pursuing things that you truly don't believe in. GGI is not just about masterclasses, interview cracking and networking platform. It is an emotion ! And that's why we at GGI have carefully crafted 6 months #MBA Scholars to #educate the diverse, crazy, intensely passionate and next generation leaders to relauch their careers !

If you are interested to meet the courageous, talented, accomplished GGIians, you can find them here.


Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Cofounder Global Governance Initiative, Ex- BCG, Advisor, Tony Blair Institute

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