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We all have won the biggest lottery of life

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

This article is the biggest truth of my life and probably for you as well.

During my early 20s, I was diagnosed with acute migraine. I started writing blogs in my mid 20s to share how I bounced back and started living a life of gratitude and compassion. Being diagnosed with acute migraine is probably the best thing that happened to me in the hindsight. It made me realize that you can't fly high if you haven't witnessed hitting rock bottom.

Off late I have increased the frequency of my readings on how outliers are created in this universe. What I have come across is mostly in all success stories laid out in either movies and books-the writer raves of the hard work and talent the protagonist has but usually misses important below points-

In which country was the individual born ?

In which era ?

And in which home ?

Coming back to my headaches, the other day I was travelling in comfortable cab and was really stressed post work. My head started pumping in usual migraine way and I happened to look out. I see this man on road side with a steel glass in his hand looking out for few pennies to probably make ends meet.

It brought back to the point in which household I was born. Did I do anything extra ordinary to be sitting in the cab and not on the road. The honest answer is No. I have been darn lucky to have been born into a middle class family where my parents with their own imperfect yet best tried parenting could afford to send me to a school if not the best school. The school had a working library where I issued Harry Potter books and immersed myself in the world of magic. The library aided in building strong habit of reading because of which I gulp 2 business books/month today. How many children in the world have the luxury of good fictional books ?

Later, my elder brother guided me to go to St. Stephen's and not to an engineering college as he realized my aptitude early on and thought I'll find more opportunities at St. Stephen's. Stephen's gave me the opportunity to head into the world of management consulting at an age of 21. How many talented youth have the luxury of learning and driving business with CXOs at 21 ?

The above narrative ties to the fact that becoming an outlier is a huge factor of OPPORTUNITIES around you. Do you leverage the opportunity in B-school or end up grabbing only a job- the latter isn't wrong but it's probably not the best way if you want to become an outlier in life. Do you happen to leverage resources in your work place to also follow your passion or simply continue to do 9 to 5.

From what I have realized as I turned 28 few days ago is that I am already 80% ahead in the battle because of the country, era and household I am born into which didn't give me anymore or anyless opportunities. As a women I was questioned but eventually trusted and given freedom to follow my dreams-not sure if that would be the case if I was born in middle-east. I have definitely won the biggest lottery of life and I'm sure many among you have.

This article may sound bland with no action item but I wish you remember this at the back of your head if not top to be more humble and live a life of gratitude.

In the end I would want many more to win this lottery in our future generations and that's absolutely one of my to dos in this life time :)

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