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You might be jobless in 5 years without these 54 skills:

No, it's not me who is saying this:

In this career insight, I will be sharing absolute must skills researched and found by McKinsey & Company to future-proof your career.

Here is the curation of detailed 54 skillset:

A. Cognitive Skills:

1. Structured Problem Solving

2. Storytelling and public speaking

3. Work plan development

4. Creativity and imagination

5. Logical Reasoning

6. Understanding biases

7. Seeking relevant information

8. Time management and prioritization

9. Agile thinking

10. Asking the right questions

11. Sythensizing messages

12. Active listening

13. Translating knowledge to different contexts

14. Adopting a different perspective

15. Adaptability

16. Ability to learn

B. #Interpersonal Skills:

17. Role Modelling

18. Fostering inclusiveness

19. Empathy

20. Win-win negotiations

21. Crafting an inspiring vision

22. Organizational awareness

23. Inspiring trust

24. Humility

25. Sociability

27. Resolving conflicts

27. Resolving conflicts

28. Collaboration

29. Coaching

30. Empowering

C. #Self Leadership:

31. Understanding own emotions and triggers

32. Courage and risk-taking

33. Ownership and decisiveness

34. Self-control and regulation

35. Understanding own strengths

36. Integrity

36. Self-motivation and wellness

37. Self-confidence

38. Driving change and innovation

39. Energy, passion, and optimism

40. Breaking orthodoxies

42. Grit and persistence

43. Coping with uncertainty

44. Self development

45. Digital literacy

46. Programming literacy

47. Data literacy

48. Digital collaboration

49. Digital ethics

50. Data analysis and statistics

51. Computational and algorithmic thinking

52. Smart systems

53. Cybersecurity literacy

54. Tech translation and enablement

Research supports that acquiring above 54 skills not only leads to higher income, and employment, but also job satisfaction.

Realizing how universities aren't imparting quality education, we at Global Governance Initiative started the MBA Scholars program to reform higher education system for young professionals globally.

Don't fret if you don't have any or all of these skills.

It doesn't matter when or where you start.

All that matters is that you start ✊.

If you are interested in learning about GGI's MBA Scholar program, you can learn here.



Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Co-founder Global Governance Initiative & GTI, Ex- BCG, Advisor; Tony Blair Institute

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