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7 Insider Tips for a Winning Salary Negotiation:

I have negotiated and been negotiated with more than 100 times over roles and hashtag#salaries, in the last 10 years of my career.

In this career insight, I will be sharing 7 MUST salary negotiation hacks that worked like a charm for me.

Read the last one (it's my favorite).

1. Overcome the hashtag#fear of asking:

Most of us don't negotiate because we fear being perceived as greedy or getting our offers revoked.

Only ~30% of employees negotiate their salaries.

These folks actually end up getting their initial salary raised.

HRs are trained to handle such conversations.

As someone who is leading an organization, I have obliged to requests if are good reasons for it.

2. Ask for hashtag#extreme:

Robert Cialdini winning book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” highlights this point excellently.

Ask for A++ if you want 'A'.

The other party will often give you an 'A' happily.

This can apply asking for a senior role also.

3. Bring a real hashtag#value to the table:

Don’t just command that you would like a raise.

Instead, write a detailed note of exact 3 unique values and skills you'd bring to the firm.

4. Do your hashtag#homework:

Don't send a generic list of skills you'd add to the table.

Talk to people in the organization, team, and the work they do.

You will have a winning salary negotiation if your skills ideally solve a problem for them.

5. hashtag#Request, not assert:

It's a popular myth that negotiations are always done in a commanding way.

Your negotiation email can be in the following format-

"Dear XX, thank you so much for the offer. I am really excited to join your organization and your mission.

However, I would request you to relook into my offered salary because I will bring 5 unique values to your organization and team. Request to reconsider your offer..."

6. Try to get a hashtag#competitive offer:

You get leverage once you have a competitive offer.

Don't shop around or fake it, since organizations cross-check.

Have clarity on which organizations you would prefer to work for and make the request.

7. Understand human hashtag#psychology:

Research in the USA concluded, judges tended to give fewer death sentences after the lunch break because of fatigue.

If you reach out to someone on a Monday, likelihood of your salary negotiation getting approved is low.

Thus, try negotiating your salary post lunch on Thursday or Friday.

And thank me later :)


As I wrap up this career insight, I want to say one last thing-

Don't take less salary than what you're worth.

The future is scary only if we try to avoid it ✊.

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Co-founder Global Governance Initiative & GTI, Ex- BCG, Advisor; Tony Blair Institute

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