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In 2015, I traveled India alone.

And the most popular question I get asked is India safe to travel alone? 

Let me tell you a short tale to answer this question-

I have traveled alone in the streets of Paris, Boston, New York, and Cancun at night time. 

I have had to board taxis alone in the west and at home. 

And I can say without the blink of an eye, I have found the streets and people of Kerala, Udaipur, Himachal, Mumbai, Meghalaya safer than any of the places I have been in the west.

There is a common misbelief that India is unsafe, largely because of how our media operates vs. the west. 

That is not to advocate traveling alone without any caution. I ensured to carry pepper spray and avoid late nights as much as possible when traveling alone. 

These perspectives are based on my first-hand experiences. 

I understand if I idolize India in this write-up.

But, my objective is to portray another picture of real India that doesn't come often in negative PR-driven media. 

I have found the best ideas for my startup, and creative solutions to my hashtag#career problems when traveling solo on trains. 

For me, exploring India alone and my career transformation accompanied each other in my 20s. 

It's true that great leaders are built in solace. 

As a female, the world can look harder for us than it really is! 

So go out there, fly high in the sky. 

Live your life because this is the one you got ❤️!

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