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During my 2nd year at BCG, I started struggling to manage remote work setting, and my migraine resurfaced.

My days would start at 8 AM with intense headaches. And with the intense pain, I would get on innumerable calls with case partner, manager, and clients! 

For 3 weeks, I kept this to myself. As someone who had fought migraine throughout my 20s with medicine, and meditation, a part of me was embarrassed to even inform my family about how did I land myself in the situation again.

And that is when midway in the journey, I faced 2 scenarios- continue the grind like a brave soldier or take a rest! 

To be completely rational, there was an opportunity cost to the decision. Lost salary ? Not so great case review ?

After calculating both of them, I realized that none of them was worth my health. 

Health once lost takes ages to recover.

And that is when I decided to take a break of 5 weeks off- BCG swiftly approved and made a conducive ecosystem for me to step back. 

During those 5 weeks, I restarted my meds, woke up at 11 am, read philosophy, and slept like a child. 

Today, leading global BCG Chairman, Partners and CEO have taught strategy at my education venture. 

At times in life, we take pride to be a wartime soldier but we often forget that soldiers hashtag#die as martyrs. 

It's up to you to decide whether you want to live your life like a soldier or a queen! 

Because queens don't get killed. They kill ❤️

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