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During my first project at BCG, I aimed at protecting my morning time at all costs!

During my first project at BCG, I aimed at protecting my morning time at all costs! 

It is rare for a new consultant in the firm to ask for protected time from case partner and that too in the initial days. (protected time meant I could be unreachable). 

As someone who had worked for five years in strategy and consulting before joining Boston Consulting Group (BCG), I knew the importance of focussing on my health and wellbeing. 

When I was in the gym, I wouldn't pick up my calls, irrespective of the person's designation. My understanding was the person can wait. But nothing should meddle in my workout routine. 

I followed this ritual at BCG during weekends and holidays also. And the case partner and manager understood.

Many young professionals fear setting expectations around their working hours, fearing how they might be perceived in front of a new boss and firm.

However, if you are confident of your competence, your number of available hours should not equate to your work performance. Visibility at work is important but I never bothered about it enough, to sacrifice my personal life. 

Even today as a CO-CEO, I remain inaccessible during the early hours of the day because I understand that's the only model through which I can run GGI sustainable in long term. A happy leader creates a happy ecosystem for her team. 

Being available 24X7 isn't and shouldn't be a work culture in the 21st century. 

Few people develop the spine to politely say no and accommodate work smartly. 

If you struggle to do so, then this can be a sweet reminder that you work to live and not live to work❤️.

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