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Here's the story you'd read on my LinkedIn-

Here's the story you'd read on my LinkedIn-

Age 18- Accepted at St. Stephen's College, Delhi's 


Age 21- Graduated with top GPA; Landed my 1st job at Boutique Consulting Firm

Age 26- Worked Government of India with former Mckinsey Chairman

Age 27-Accepted @ Indian School of Business; Accepted @ Fletcher and hashtag#Harvard for exchange 

Age 28- Worked at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 

Age 29-  Land my #1 abroad job with a foundation by former UK Prime Minister 

Age 30- Take over my venture as full-time CO-CEO 


Let me share now another story. 

2013- Final year @ St. Stephen's. Rejected from all firms I applied to except two. I felt all my powers slipping through my fingertips. 

2014- 1st year of Consulting takes a toll on me. I feel alienated in the firm I joined. I am unable to take the stress. I actively burn bridges with the Managing Director and leave the job. 

I get diagnosed with migraine

2014-I go through the worst quarter-life crisis. I struggle to find my life's purpose. I am partially recovered from the migraine but panic attacks resurface. 

2017- I get rejected from all MBA schools I apply to except 2.  I spend time alone, questioning my self-worth. 

2019- First year in BCG. I struggle to find my feet in the firm. 

People are good but I realize I don't enjoy making PowerPoint.I stay strong for 2 years but I quit amidst the pandemic. 

2021-During covid, I catch the second wave. I get married to the love of my life 14 days after as scheduled. 

2021- I am working as full-time CEO and breathless 100 times a day. 

Upon a diagnosis, we find that covid has introduced me to long symptoms. 

2022- I am on regular meds. Extremely uncomfortable with my respiratory system something which is supposed to be involuntary. 

I gym, walk, and whatnot every day. 

I have reduced my hours as CEO drastically to take care of my well-being. 


Many professionals write to me about how perfect they find my journey. 

There are gazillion lessons on how I have lived in my 20s. 

But here are 3-

1. Don't emulate someone's journey. 

2. Health is way more critical than you realize. Especially mental health.

Every time I have pushed myself to compromise my health, I have regretted it!

3. Career journeys are rarely a straight-line curve. 


I am an avid advocate of giving it all your in your career. 

But know that failures, imperfect mental health, and loneliness are real problems that you need to deal with head-on. 

Own your scars. 

It makes the healing way easier ❤️

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Co-founder Global Governance Initiative & GTI, Ex- BCG, Advisor; Tony Blair Institute

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