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I am a slow learner.

I couldn't crack GMAT in my 1st attempt. 

I couldn't clear BCG at 21. 

Recently when a GGI fellow was explaining his white paper to me, I felt the need to stop him often, understand jargons and what not. 

I would understand one thing, then shamelessly ask 10 more definitions, and question to stress test his paper's recommendations. 

The thing is when dealing with a new subject for the first time, I have realized it's way better to be a slow learner than to put up a pretentious show !

I remember making this mistake with my 1st GMAT attempt and practicing 100s of mocks, failing miserably on my face. 

In my later successful attempt, I focussed for the 1st month just on basics- the why and hows. 

Today, I connect dots faster. 

But it has happened only because of my slow paced but laser sharp focus on fundamentals. 

This is the modus operandi I used at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) of learning basics in the initial week before I started my sojourn of solving the problem. 

Interestingly, I observed partners in management consultants also operating in this modus operandi- understanding basics without any shame, and probing young consultants ensuring fundamentals of problem solving aren't compromised.

I'm writing this with an honest hope and belief to help someone out there who might be stuck just as I was once in my 20s. 

Trust me things fall into place as long as you focus on basics. 

Dont buy the world's false narrative of 'time is less.'

Take your time. Go slow. 

And smile once in a while as well. Otherwise what's the point of all this anyway❤️.

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