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When I left Boston Consulting Group (BCG), I made myself 2 promises-

1. I will never work in a profession where I will have to make- remake PowerPoint presentations. 

2. I will continue to work on intellectually stimulating problems. 

So when I joined an International Affairs firm in Dubai later, I wanted to make sure I didn't spend time working on PPTs- I personally found them to be energy drainers. 

So I actively told the director of new firm to assign me a project at the intersection of strategy and implementation. 

He looked puzzled since mostly everyone looked forward to pure-play strategy projects in international affairs. 

I told him candidly my dislike for Microsoft PPTs. I was tired of spending any more time on editing, formatting, creating, and recreating them to perfection. 

Now, I know of many colleagues of mine who have excelled at this craft of PPTs, and it's an important craft to have if you want to excel in strategy roles as PPTs allow you to communicate your advice clearly to CXOs.

But I was clear, I can't work on them 9 hours every day of my coming life. 

It's been more than a year since I have kept my promises to myself. 

In fact, even at my startup, I soak myself in intellectual problem-solving every day and I often ask top CEOs to not bother about PPTs for GGI Masterclasses. 

Today, I stand true to myself. 

While building careers, don't follow others. 

Find your own promises and stand true to them. 

That is true work-life balance ❤️

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