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Last year, I went back home to India from US.

It was a quintessential visit filled with a longingness to see my family and in laws. 

I loved my 2nd stint in the US. 

Especially how their capitalist setup with strong institutions amalgamates well with the diversity of the nationalities. 

In the street I lived in Cambridge, there were Greek, Iranian, American and Turkish restaurants all in the same lane together. 

But after a year, I travelled 5 countries in 24 hours to see my parents. 

And I realized no amount of quality infrastructure and diversity can match the life you have in India where you hustled, learnt and flew high in the sky for the first time. 

You get to pay through UPI with a vegetable vendor in seconds. You get Zomato food delivered and Uber at a fraction of the cost. 

India's resource constraint is it's biggest strength. 

It's indeed this living with minimal resources environment that pushed me on the other side to entrepreneurship

If the US was the land of immigrants and hope in the 2000s. 

Then hashtag#India is the land of home of 1.3 Billion people, their dreams, their zeal to put a fight, and live together in the 2020s.

Its true you realize someone's value when you distance from them.

Today, 🇮🇳 India is not a country. 

It is an emotion❤️.

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Author- Shatakshi Sharma, Co-founder Global Governance Initiative & GTI, Ex- BCG, Advisor; Tony Blair Institute

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